The first recreational reflex test machine with tournaments / rankings!

    4 different games
    2 LCD touchscreens
    Sturdy push buttons
    Customizable RGB lighting
    Tournaments and rankings
    Individual game or 1vs1
    Electronic coin selector
    Wireless connection
    Detachable structure


2 LCD touchscreens

Using 2 LCD touch screens and an interactive menu, it is easy to choose any of the gaming modes

Sturdy push buttons

The buttons and microswitchs are extremely robust allowing around 1 million clicks

RGB lighting

Customizable RGB lighting on standby and pre-configured in game

Coin selector

Electronic coin selector


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    Game menu

    With a simplistic game menu, there is no difficulty in choosing the desired game mode

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    Sturdy RGB buttons

    The buttons are very resistant to knocks and the lighting is RGB

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    Robust structure

    The structure is very robust and removable with only 4 screws on each side of the legs in 30mm plywood