Online dartboard machine

The model 2.0 of the Play And Win dartboard machine is more elegant, allows folding in half for easy transport and assembly and has an all-acrylic front to prevent damage by the darts.

    Up to 8 players simultaneously
    Local and online tournaments
    Up to 16 players in a local tournament created at the moment
    Play against remote opponents
    Laser distance marker
    RFID identification card
    4 Languages

2150€ + VAT

MOQ: 3 units. For more quantity, contact us for quotation.


8 Players simultaneously

All traditional games can be played up to 8 players simultaneously


The Play And Win proimity card can be used on any Play And Win equipment


Forget putting boundary tapes on the floor. With the laser mark on the floor, the player will always be at the correct distance


Very robust touchscreen to deal with the poor aim of less experienced players


You can create local tournaments on the machine itself or you can create online tournaments and connect with other machines. It's your choice!

Online Games

You can play remotely against players who are on any of our arrow machines (model 2.0 or model 1.0)


The machine works in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. It is possible to choose the language in real time

Coin Selector

All Play And Win equipment is equipped with a programmable electronic coin selector


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    Dartboard machine

    This new model has a simplistic design, taking up little space in the bars, fitting perfectly into the decoration of the same

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    Folded dartboard machine

    The dartboard machine allows you to fold in half for easy transport

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    Delimitation by laser

    Laser marking eliminates the need to stick tapes to the floor to delimit the player's distance from the target

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    Interactiv menu

    All player interaction menus are simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to take full advantage of the machine's features

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    Local tournaments

    Whether it's a group of friends, or a birthday party, you can create a tournament for up to 16 players right now

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    Online games

    When someone searches for an opponent online, a notification will appear on all dartboard machines to inform them that there is a player waiting for an opponent