Online Foosball Table

The market's first electronic and online football table brings new technologies to a traditional game!

    Traditional game board
    Illuminated field during play
    Tournaments and championships through the Play And Win card
    Game 1vs1 or 2vs2
    Result marker display
    Robust structure
    Wooden handles
    Standby RGB LEDs
    Electronic or mechanical coin selector
    Wireless internet connection


Result marker

2 or 4 players in tournament mode

Proximity card

The Play And Win proximity card can be used on any Play And Win equipment


After creating tournaments in the API, just swipe the card to start competing!

Coin selector

Electronic or mechanical coin selector


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    Game display

    This display shows the goal count, and contains the proximity card reader

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    Traditional playing field

    The playing field is the traditional Portuguese, with vertical sides and an illuminated field when in play

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    Robust structure

    The entire structure is very robust, increasing longevity and the pleasure of playing, ensuring that the foosball table does not move in play