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Online dartboard machine - Home Premium

The home premium model is an online dartboard machine, dedicated to the most contemporary players, who want to purchase a professional machine, allowing them to train at home and play remotely against remote opponents. The machine has an excellent quality of construction, and the entire front of the machine is acrylic, in order to always remain in excellent condition.

    Competition dartboard
    Up to 8 players simultaneously
    Play against remote opponents
    4 Languages
    Excellent build quality
    Measures: 80cm Width, 103cm Height, 18cm Depth

PVP: 1550€ + VAT


8 Players simultaneously

All traditional games can be played up to 8 players simultaneously


Very robust touchscreen to deal with the poor aim of less experienced players

Online games

You can play remotely against players who are on any of our arrow machines (model 2.0 or model 1.0)


The machine works in 4 languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. It is possible to choose the language in real time


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    Máquina de dardos

    This new model has a simplistic design, taking up very little space in your home

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    Interactive Menu

    All player interaction menus are simple and intuitive, allowing anyone to take full advantage of the machine's features

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    Online games

    When someone searches for an opponent online, a notification will appear on all darts machines to inform them that there is a player waiting for an opponent